Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Cold Call Fear

I read a recent article in Entrepreneur.com that had a good tip for overcoming cold call fear. Here is the section: How to make a cold call
A cold call is not a time to make a sale. It's [a time] to give something. The first question is, "Is it OK if I share with you what we do and why people use us? Then, we can decide whether it makes sense to go further." Be as discerning of the prospect as they are of you. No one's going to do business with a beggar.--Bill Caskey, author of Same Game, New Rules: 23 Timeless Principles for Selling and Negotiating"
This is another variation of my "Shift the Spotlight" tool. Focus on something you are giving your customer. Put the spotlight on them rather than worry about what they think of you or your product. The same applies when giving a speech. Identify and remember one or more "gifts" that you are giving your audience. When we are focused on giving, we are less likely to be fearful of their judgments of us.


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