Sunday, August 14, 2005

Fear of Flying

After the second and final day of the outstanding Internet Marketing Center seminar, I climbed aboard a Supershuttle for the trip to the airport. The news was on and 9 of us were listening to it while waiting for the driver. News of an airplane tragedy was detailed. Somewhere in Europe, I believe, a commercial airliner lost the oxygen and the pilot apparently fell unconscious or died. A couple of jet fighters were scrambled as there was no communication. One of the fighter pilots saw the airline pilot slumped over. There was nothing anyone could do and the airline crashed killing all onboard.
On our Supershuttle, the passengers were mostly quiet but we all must have been thinking about it as we were headed to our own flights. Finally, one woman spoke up, stating that since one plane crashed today, we were probably going to be safe.
No one seemed to react with much fear, and we all carried on as if everthing was fine. Isn't that the point? Everything was fine with us in the here and now. We arrived at the airport safely. We boarded our planes. I assume we all arrived at our destinations. As far as I could tell, no one let their fear take over. We chose to focus on what was, not on what trauma could befall us. We avoided the curse of the "What ifs".


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